Site Repairs and Maintenance







If a system is not performing to its design duty, our service team has the knowledge and experience to identify faults in your system or equipment. We can provide full support, bringing your system back to its design parameters.

The Service Division will inspect your existing equipment and identify any requirements you may need. Together, with the engineering department at MARC Technologies, we will determine the feasibility of your required modifications and provide a solution.

Service plays an important role in assuring that your equipment operates at maximum efficiency while meeting all necessary standards. The MARC Technologies Service Department can provide service on demand.

Some examples of what we can do are:

  • Fume Cupboard Repair/Service and Compliance Inspections (all makes and models including scrubbing systems).
  • Dust Collector Repair/Service & Audits.
  • Fogging System Repair/Service & Audits.
  • Vacuum System Repair/Service & Audits.
  • Ventilation System Repair/Service.

Our experience can be used in many areas other than the above. We can provide corrective and scheduled preventative maintenance, as well as inspections, testing and repairs on demand.

The MARC Technologies Service Division carries out installations, retrofits, system inspections, optimization and system modification to dust and fume control and dust suppression systems.


MARC Technologies’ service technicians can travel to any location.