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Knock-Up Benches & Accessories


MARC manufactures a few types of Fire Assay Lead Button Knock-up Benches: Basic, Extracted with Basic Features and Extracted with a Few More Options.

  • Here the moulds are tipped over and the lead buttons cleaned and shaped using a chisel & hammer.  
  • The MARC Knock-Up Benches include a strengthened “anvil” for the hammering process as a standard feature – this allows for the use of a hammer on the button without too much force being passed onto the bench frame. 
  • Since there is risk of lead exposure in this process due to slag dust MARC strongly suggests the Extracted models.



Description Stock Code
Standard Basic Knock-Up Bench with Anvil 112026
Extracted*  Basic Knock-Up Bench with Anvil 189341
Extracted*  Advanced Knock-Up Bench with Anvil,  Light & Slag Waste Management 123961 
Pneumatic Knock-Up Hammer/Press Combo 190066
Pneumatic Knock-Up Chisel & Hammer/Press Combo 116636 
Slag Tipper Motorization Upgrade  123966
Slag Deflector for Air Operated Knock-Up Chisel & Hammer  116696 

* By “Extracted” we mean the unit is designed for connection to a lead dust extraction system.