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Containerised Laboratories

We manufacture containerized laboratories for clients with portable, low cost or temporary laboratory needs. These mobile units are fully customizable and can be developed in many configurations for a wide range of budgets, including single container or multi container configurations as well as containers with semi-permanent structures such as shade structures.



MARC Technologies can manufacture turnkey portable container options for the following :

  • Onsite Sample Preparation Laboratories such as crushing, pulverizing and splitting prior to sample shipment to commercial assay labs
  • Onsite Analytical or “clean” laboratories which can accommodate AA Spectrometers, XRF Analyzers and associated sample preparation work areas.
  • Water Testing Laboratories
  • Digestion or Fire Assay Laboratories
  • Metallurgical Laboratories for wet and/or dry metallurgical work.


Container laboratories can be made to be shipped in a fully operational state or they can be made for minimal site installation. Usually with exported units the windows, doors, etc, need to be installed on site (due to international shipping regulations) – so we can supply all the fixtures required for a site installation with the unit and either the client or MARC Installation staff can install them.

Some of the key features or accessories which can be included in/with the container laboratories (or separately as a kit) are:

  • Stand alone or on-board power generation
  • Stand alone or fully incorporated air compressors
  • Integrated or semi-integrated dust or fume control equipment
  • Fully or semi-automated sample preparation equipment
  • Full insulation for operator comfort in harsh conditions
  • Office facilities
  • Air conditioning if required
  • Shade structures or lean-to’s, either solid roof or cloth, can be supplied as a kit for site installation.

These portable facilities can easily be mobilized to extremely remote locations and made operational in a very short time

For more information on our container laboratories please contact us via the “Contact Us” page or call us on (08) 9232 0430.
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