Laboratory Products

Slurry Samplers

MARC designs & manufactures a range of manual falling stream, flotation and tank dip (thief) slurry sampling accessories.

Our range is growing daily┬á – please contact us to discuss your needs

  • Funnel-Type Manual Falling Stream Slurry Sampler / Cutter

This sampler is designed for the manual sampling of a falling stream of slurry. The sample is funneled into – and contained in – a removable plastic jar. 

The plastic jar size can be changed – just fix a lid from the type of jar you want to use onto the sampler.

You can use various handles to suit your sampling point’s location.

Description Stock Code
Sample Cutter 250 x 15mm 116746
Short Handle 116751
Dipped Handle 116816
Long Reach Handle 116756



  • Dip or “Thief” Type Manual Slurry Tank Sampler

This sampler is designed for the sampling of slurries in tanks and is lowered into the tank from a platform.

The product is designed to be modular to facilitate transport and so consists of three main parts:

  1. Handle/Lever Section 
  2. Extension/Intermediate 2m Section 
  3. Sample Bottle Section (~1.2L) 

The intermediate section allows you to have the overall length at 2.6, 4.6 or 6.6m if 1, 2 or 3 intermediate sections are used, respectively.


Description Stock Code
Handle / Lever Section 116731
Extension / Intermediate Section 2m 116736
Sample Bottle Section (1.2L) 116726



  • Flotation Tank Lip Sampler

These samplers are designed for the sampling of flotation tanks and can follow the the tank’s curvature if required.

Please contact us with your required sample size and tank radius.