Laboratory Products

Laboratory Furniture

MARC manufactures custom laboratory furniture for the following environments:

1. Mild / Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Benches for Sample Preparation facilities;

2. Mild / Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Benches and Troughs for Metallurgical Laboratories;

3. Mild / Stainless Steel/Compact Laminate Furniture Systems with Removable Purpose-Made Cabinets for Analytical Laboratories.


Apart from our standard range of extracted workstations we also have standard designs for:

  • Heavy Duty Single- or Double-Balance Weigh Benches with:
    • Floating Compact Laminate Benchtop;
    • Stone Balance Supports;
    • Workspace Lighting;
    • Power and Network Points; 
    • Comes Pre-Wired For quick “plug-‘n-play” use. 

Weigh Bench


  • Pressure Filtration Benches with Pre-Plumbed Drainage for Bench Top Pressure Filtration; 
  • TGA Benches – Comes with gas tubing, regulators, Blower Duct Cutouts and suitable power outlets. 
  • Fusion Benches – Heavy duty benches for holding beadmaker / fusion machines.