Laboratory Products

Workstations / Weighbenches for Fire Assay


These fire assay-specific workstations are used for flux weighing and differ from standard workstations found in the sample preparation section in that they usually contain a “pot” grid welded to the work surface that organises the crucibles into the configuration and spacing that will be used in the furnace.  They also optionally contain flux bin shelves etc. 

Please note:

  • Flux weighing into crucibles needs to be performed in a suitably extracted environment.
  • The MARC flux weighing workstation is supplied standard with a light and a pot grid welded to the work surface for alignment of crucibles – we just need to know what configuration you want  (25, 30, 50, 84 place etc). 
  • Our Standard Fluxing Workstation Standard is 1800mm Wide but these can be built up to 2400mm.
  • There is an option of a height-adjustable flux-bin cutout for positioning a flux container at a practical working height.
  • As with most MARC products there is an option for customisation to virtually any extent to suit your needs. 



Width (mm) Light Pot Grid Flux Bin Cut-Out Stock Code
1800 Y Yes    

(Advise configuration. when ordering)

No 123715
Yes 100961