Laboratory Products

Laboratory Milling – Rod / Ball Mills including Bond Rod / Ball Work / Grindability Index

MARC manufactures a wide range of laboratory ball / rod mills and automated Bond rod / ball mills (with wave liners) to suit most metallurgical laboratory applications. Our range extends from small 6L jar-type mills that are manually positioned on rollers to large 30L size mills. Although they do increase the purchase cost of a mill, the enclosures are crucial to their safe operation.


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Please note: All mills and balls/rods are only available in stainless steel – we no longer offer this product with mild steel mills. 


Small Portable Ball “Jar” Mill

Mill Type Mill Volume Mill Material Weight Excl. Charge (kg) Stock Code
Ball 6L 316 SS 14 112606
Stainless Steel Jar Ball Mill Charge Only 



Bench Mounted Roller for Ball “Jar” Mills

Description Roller Length (mm) No. of  Ball Jar Mills Stock Code
Benchtop Roller 1200 3  112611



Standard Floor Standing Rod/Ball Mills

Mill Type Safety/Sound Enclosure Mill Vol. Barrel Material Timer Stock Code
Ball Yes 30 L 316SS Yes 116403
Rod Yes 10 L 316SS Yes 189677
No 10 L  316SS Yes 189673
Yes 20 L  316SS Yes 189477
No  20 L  316SS Yes 189480

Automated Bond Rod / Ball Mills 

Mill Type Safety/Sound Enclosure Mill and Rod Material Auto-Tilting Stock Code
Bond Rod Yes SS Yes 189462
Bond Ball Yes SS Yes 189465