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Alpine Air Jet Sieves

Analysis Sieving Machine for Fine-Powder Laboratory Applications.




Alpine Air Jet Sieve e200 LS

Smart operation – perfect results.

As the inventor and worldwide market leader of air jet sieving, HOSOKAWA ALPINE has been setting new standards for over 60 years. The ALPINE air jet sieves have always been characterised by simple operation and reliable results. The new control panel – which not only increases the 
efficiency but also makes the whole process 
faster – is just another link in this chain of success. Whether intuitive user guidance, search functions or password-protected settings – the new e200 LS lets you always stay in complete control.



Features of ALPINE’s Air Jet Sieve e200 LS

Optimally matched to each other, components such as the innovative, high-resolution touch screen, the high-performance dual-core processor as well as the interfaces ensure maximum connectivity and make the air jet sieve state of the art.

Glare-free panel
Readable even in challenging light conditions and from just about any angle

Intuitive user guidance
Modern visualisation for fast and precise operation
Fast processor
ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core CPU with 2 GHz, 4-GB flash and 4-GB SD card memory
Secure results management
Analysis and data reports with archiving and search functions as well as automatic back-up
Ideal connections
Ethernet, RS-232 and 3 x USB 2.0, for example for a barcode scanner, keyboard and mouse
Individual applications
Password-protected settings, individualised display accuracy, migration of old data in XML format
Smart touch screen
Touch screen with robust 3-mm-thick safety glass


The principle of operation of Alpine’s air jet sieve e200 LS

Because extremely fine particles have a tendency to agglomerate and therefore often clog up the sieve, the air jet sieve is the device of choice for sieving fine powders. As a result of the air jet principle, the e200 LS offers maximum effectiveness with such materials. The reason for this effectiveness bases on two components: a slotted nozzle which rotates in the sieving chamber and an industrial vacuum cleaner connected up to the sieving chamber.

As soon as the vacuum cleaner is switched on, it generates a vacuum inside the sieving chamber. The extremely narrow slot of the slotted nozzle ensures that the incoming air is accelerated and flows against the sieve fabric at high speed from below. The particles on the sieve fabric are dispersed briefly by the air jet before they are drawn downwards through the sieve apertures by the suction of the vacuum cleaner.

The coarse 
material remains on the sieve and is re-weighed at the end of the sieving process. The automatic underpressure controller as well as specification 
of the sieving-relevant parameters guarantee reproducible results.




Four high-performance software packages, one aim: the highest possible utility value as a result of the demand-oriented range of functions.

Whether standardised analysis methods or individualised management and configuration of data, options and many other parameters — the four software packages for the ALPINE air jet sieve e200 LS are tailored to cover all analysis demands perfectly.

Even if you decide on the basic software package: our special software upgrades allow you to extend the range of functions of your package at any time.




eControl Basic – the first choice for production & fast individual analyses.

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eControl Professional – for everyday routine laboratory tasks.

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eControl Ultimate – the last word in air jet sieving

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eControl Security – for documented proof and access control

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Functions 1

Functions 2

Functions 3



Technical Specifications


Measuring range (at ø 200/203 mm)
(at ø 76 mm)
20 µm to 4 mm
10 µm to 2,5 mm
Navigation High-resolution capacitive 7″ IPS multi-touch screen
Power supply cable (m) 3
Mains connection (V/~/Hz/A) 100-250/1/50-60/15-10
Under Pressure (Pa) 1500-5500
Air flow rate (m³/h) 30-115
Speed (1/min) 18
Weight incl. power pack (kg) 20
Protection class (IP) 54
Dimensions L×W×H (mm) 503×370×380



Delivery Scope

  • Basic device
  • Vacuum cleaner class L
  • Acrylic glass lid
  • Operating manual
  • Tapper, brush



Tailor the possibilities of the ALPINE air jet sieve e200 LS precisely to your analysis requirements and on-site conditions. ALPINE test sieves, the automatic sieve identification, the universal adapter and the micro-precision sieves make for a reliably high and constant analysis quality.

Analysis Sieves

Read more about the analysis sieves and inspection certificate 3.1 for the ALPINE test sieves.

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Special sieves / micro-sieving units

Read more about the special sieves and the ALPINE micro-sieving unit.

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Adapters & Covers

Whether Alpine’s previous model of test sieve or another make entirely: with the different sieve adapters, many test sieves currently on the market can be used in ALPINE‘s air jet sieve e200 LS.

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Automatic sieve identification

The fully automatic sieve identification function rules out operating errors such as sieve insert errors, etc. and consequently increases the analysis reliability.

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