Laboratory Products

Latest Products

At MARC we are  continuously developing new products as we come across the need. Below are some of our latest products. Please contact us to find out more about them.


1.Dual Test Tube Case Roller 

The Dual Test Tube Case Roller is enclosed and is supplied with a drip containment tray and a 75mm fume extraction spigot for connection to a chemical resistant fan for its use outside a fume cupboard. For more information click here to be routed to the relevant web page.


Main Features:

* Can be used outside of a fume cupboard  

* Corrosion resistant stainless steel & polycarbonate construction

* Spill Containment

* RPM Control with Timer (or Counter)

* Extraction Fan Optional



2.Electric Stackable Sieve Vibrator for 200 to 450mm Sieves 

We evolved our robust single sieve vibrator to a heavier-duty design where the user is able to stack up to 3 sieves on top of each other and also clamp them down.  This design – apart from maximizing vibration energy transfer into the sample – also allows the use of sieve pans with spout (for hose attachment).  Using a heavier duty vibrator means the user is not limited to a particular sieve size and can change between sieve sizes by simply changing the sieve platform. 


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Main Features:

* Purchase different sized platforms for your preferred sieve size

* Stack up to 3 Sieves (or 2 + Sieve Pan)

* Designed to sit over a sink

* Vibration amplitude is adjustable.


3.Lower Cost AS 1210 Compliant Bench-Mounted Pressure Filter

We have started manufacturing our new 13L bench mount pressure filter that is designed to reduce the excessive manual handling typically associated with the larger bench-mounted pressure filters. While not as easy to operate as our “rapid-handling” model it sits as a lower capital cost alternative. 

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