Laboratory Products

Analytical Equipment – Mining Specific

Our team of qualified chemists, process engineers and metallurgists have been involved in the design and fit-out of many specialized laboratories in the mineral, oil and gas industries.  Because of this MARC is well placed to provide advice on the selection of specialized analytical Instrumentation.

MARC Technologies can supply a wide range of equipment including:

  • Mettler Toledo pH and/or Multi-Parameter Meters and Probes
  • Mettler Toledo Mass Balances / Scales including Floor Standing Sample Preparation Balances 
  • Mettler Toledo Moisture Analysers  
  • Agilent 55B and 240FS AAS
  • Agilent MP-AES 
  • Full PANalytical XRF Machine Systems Supply and Install (incl. UPS & Chillers)
  • XRF Scientific Automated Beadmaking (Fusion) Machines with Extraction Hoods
  • XRF Scientific Manual and Automated Beadmaking (Fusion) Machines
  • Agilent Gas Chromatography Equipment and related Gas Distribution Systems
  • LECO TGA Analysers with Extraction Systems
  • LECO Carbon / Sulfur Analysers
  • Cyanide Analysers
  • Agilent ICP-OES Machines with Extraction Systems


Reduce your Extracted air by up to 70%!! Are your extraction systems sucking in dust because you can’t supply enough make-up air?

Ask us about our engineered Make-Up Air Extraction Hoods and Self-Cleaning Air Filtration Systems. See our dedicated Laboratory Fume Extraction Systems page.