Laboratory Products

The Cyclosizer – 6 Cyclone Variant

At MARC we are continuously looking at ways to optimise our product range based on our client’s needs. The next development is a 6 cyclone Cyclosizer. While it is not intended to replace the well known and “classic” 5 cyclone Cyclosizer it will be an option that will be useful for those looking to reduce or eliminate the need for a separate pre-cycloning step.  The addition of a 6th cyclone has required us to perfrom a complete re-design of the typical Cyclosizer to suit the higher pressures – and at the same time we have made a few changes to improve reproducibility.   

Unlike copies of the Cyclosizer that have a 6th cyclone before the standard C1 that produces a larger particle size cut – we have added a C6 cyclone to produce a smaller particle size cut. This is because the original intent of the Cyclosizer was to provide the user with reproducible sub-sieve fractions. Our competitors produce an additional fraction – which at first glance seems to offer the potential buyer more –  but that fraction is in the sievable range.  

The intended release date is in January 2018 – Please contact us to express an interest.