Laboratory Products

Sieve Weighing Workstation


MARC Manufactures an extracted workstation specifically designed for sieve weighing and managing the dust that is typically evolved in that process. 

The sieve weighing process is usually a dusty task – especially for the finer fractions – and it is best practice to work on this task in an extracted workstation. 

This 1800mm Workstation is made specifically for weighing up to 450mm diameter sieves with a waste chute down to a waste bucket. 

The waste bucket can be positioned on a load cell to capture the weight of the sample. All dust generated by tipping the sample out of the sieve will be extracted. 

We also have an option of a bucket lifting arrangement to save the load cell if you work with larger particle size samples. 

This workstation is supplied with spigots for connection to an existing dust extraction system.

*** A light is included as standard in all of the MARC extracted workstations.