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Sample Dividers – Rotary – Small to Large


MARC’s Rotary Sample Dividers are Designed to be Simple, Safe, Robust and Economical. 

A table below lists our standard models but – as with all our products – custom sizes are available.

All parts contacting the sample are made from 316 stainless steel. 



RSD Model Standard Bucket Config. Sample Top Size (mm) Stock Code
Benchtop/Mini 6 x 16.66%   189640
10L 8 x 12.5% 12 127275
20L   126792
30L   126230
50L   129311
240/84* 12 x 7L   189056



HAVER RPT Rotating Sample Reducer

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The HAVER RPT Rotating Sample Reducer produces representative sample quantities of solids and suspensions at the rate of 1:8, 1:10 or 1:30. It combines three dividing methods in one unit and provide the best possible sample reducing available today with an accuracy of 99.9%. Even heavy flowing materials can be divided with high accuracy.






Quick and flexible use

   –  3,000 dividing steps per minute.

   –  Suitable for dry and wet division.


Further advantages at a glance

   –  Representative test samples.

   –  Integrated, infinitely variable vibratory feeder.

   –  Prevention of segregations due to sedimentation.

   –  Easy handling.


Technical data

  HAVER RPT 1:8    HAVER RPT 1:10       HAVER RPT 1:30  
Max. feed volume     4000 ml        2500 ml        300 ml
Max. particle size      10 mm         10 mm        2,5 mm
Dimensions                        609 x 383 x 660 mm (L x W x H)
Operating voltage          230 Volt or 110 Volt with transformer
Frequency                                  50-60 Hertz
Weight                                   approx. 30 kg




***Custom units are also available***


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