Laboratory Products

Crushing Systems – Jaw & Cone


MARC supplies a range of Jaw Crushers & Jaw Crusher Systems (Rocklabs, TM Engineering, FLSmidth). 

We also design and manufacture cost effective rotary sample dividers to suit many jaw crushers. Contact us to discuss your crushing needs.

  • Rocklabs Boyd Crushers with Rotary Sample Dividers (Left or Right Feed).
  • Wescone Cone Crushers mounted into Frames with Hopper, Vibe Feeders etc.
  • Essa / FLSmidth JC1000, JC2000, JC2501 Jaw Crushers.
  • TM Engineering Terminator Jaw Crushers (either stand-alone or with RSD).


Affordable Laboratory Fine Jaw Crushers De-Mystified

The following table summarises the affordable jaw crushers we would call “fine” crushers (crush down to between 0 and 2 mm):


 Fine Crusher (~0 – 2 mm) Sample Top Size Power (kW)  Manufacturer
 Terminator  100mm 5.5   TM Engineering
 Boyd Elite Crusher  70mm 5.5  Rocklabs
 JC1250  80mm 7.5  FLSmidth
 JC2501  110mm 7.5 FLSmidth


Laboratory Fine Jaw Crushers – FLSmidth:

FLSmidth JC1250 “Fine” Crusher 

* Max. 80mm Top Size Samples.



FLSmidth JC2501 “Fine” Crusher

* Max. 110mm Top Size Samples.

*The jaw crusher every laboratory should have!


Laboratory Fine Jaw Crusher – Rocklabs:


Rocklabs Boyd “Fine” Crusher with RSD



MARC Laboratory Jaw Crusher/RSD Combo:


MARC Dual Terminator “Fine” Crusher with Dual RSD




MARC Low Cost “Fine” Crusher / RSD Combo

* Simple and Reliable.

* Crusher stands on Separate Frame with a Vibe Feeder.

* Most Common Crushers can be Used by Changing Crusher/Feeder Module. 

* Various Options for Positioning over Waste Conveyor or Waste Bucket.

* Various Bucket Segments Available in 1, 2 or 4 Bucket Arrangements.



MARC Hopper & Feeder into Cone Crusher 



MARC A-C/S: Automated Jaw Crusher with Linear Sample Divider Combo

* Based on the Bulletproof FLSmidth JC2501.

* Variable Input – Constant Output.

* Able to work autonomously once loaded. 

* Machine Parameters (such as sample type, crushing time, number of
sampling splits, output weight, etc) are freely configurable on a per-sample basis or can be set to a default for production

* The machine is also able to accept these parameters from existing LIMS systems and is also capable of transmitting
data about each sample back to the LIMS system.