Laboratory Products

Flotation Machines – BenchTop and Pilot




MARC supplies laboratory and Pilot-Sized Flotation Machines:

  • Benchtop Model with Various Cell Sizes available in Perspex or Stainless Steel.


FLSmidth Benchtop Flotation Machine with Cells



  • Pilot-Sized Model (50L).


Pilot Flotation Machine with 50L Cell



Item Stock Code
Benchtop Flotation Machine 240v 189771
Flotation Cell Cell Stator Impellor Shaft Stock Code
0.5L 304SS 304SS 304SS 189483
1.5L 189484
2.5L 189485
5.0L 189740
10L 124171
1.5L 304SS 304SS Nylon 100401
2.5L 100406
5.0L 100411
10L 124176
1.5L Perspex 304SS Nylon 100416
2.5L 101146
5.0L 103761
Item Stock Code
50L Pilot Flotation Machine 124271