Laboratory Products

Drying – High & Low Temperature Sample Drying: Infra Red Based Systems


We manufacture a range of cost effective laboratory infrared (IR) lamp and vacuum drying products for the rapid drying of mineral ore samples.

With traditional infrared heating systems there is typically no temperature control and so extraction is crucial to prevent the equipment overheating as well as to remove corrosive gases and steam.  Temperatures can vary within an infrared system due to distance of the sample from the lamp, bulb type, width of the sample, air flow etc. These factors can, however, also be tweaked to improve effectiveness. 

We do also have low temperature drying products based on vacuum technology and featuring adjustable infrared heating.  


1. Basic Bench-Mount Sample Heating Unit

We have a small & compact “modular” 4-lamp infrared lamp unit that can be placed on a bench and connected to an extraction system.  The extraction system is not built into this unit but is supplied with an extraction spigot for direct connection to your existing extraction system or we can offer a chemical resistant extraction system to go with your machine. 


  1. Full Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Construction
  2. Bench Mounted
  3. 4 Tray Bays
  4. Robust – Low Maintenance 
  5. Designed for Maximum Efficiency & Heat Retention
  6. Extraction Spigot


Product Name Stock Code
InfraRed Oven – Modular – 4 Bay 111776


2. Floor-Standing InfraRed Drying Lamps


  1. Sturdy Mild Steel Powder Coated Construction
  2. 8 or 10 Tray Bays / Lamp Options
  3. Robust – Low Maintenance 
  4. Designed for Maximum Efficiency & Heat Retention
  5. Low Air Flow Sensor
  6. Run at 50 or 100 % (i.e. switch only half the lamps on)
  7. Industrial Extraction Fan Built In


Product Name Stock Code
6 Lamp – Single Sided 128778
8 Lamp – Single Sided 125043
10 Lamp – Single Sided 189460
2 x 4 Lamp (2 Sided)  171053
2 x 8 Lamp (2 Sided)   128777
2 x 10 Lamp (2 Sided)   171053


3. Automatic Drying & Moisture Determination

We will soon be releasing a variant of our benchtop stainless steel 4-lamp Infrared heater with 4 load cells for automated temperature controlled heating and moisture determination. 



  • Bench Mounted (Sturdy Bench Required)
  • 1 to 4 Samples can be Loaded and Run Independently of Each Other
  • Max. 8kg Sample Capacity with 1g Accuracy
  • Temperature Controlled Infrared Drying (+/- 3 degC Accuracy)
  • Fume/Steam Extraction System is Built In and Includes a Corrosion Resistant Fan – just add flexible duct to get the fume to the outside of your building
  • Low Power Draw – Single Phase 10A Power Supply Needed
  • 5.7″ Touch Screen for Temperature Adjustment and Reporting of Mass Loss and Calculated Moisture Content
  • “Set & Forget” – Dryer Sounds an Alert and Will Stop heating when the Sample Mass has Stabilised. 


Product Name Stock Code
InfraRed Oven – Automated – 4 Bay 114746


4. Variable Temperature Vacuum Drying 

Included in our product range is a vacuum drying chamber with infrared assisted heating. The infrared lamp intensity is adjustable thereby giving you the ability to select how much kinetic energy you would like to add to the sample. 



  1.  Low intensity lamp settings can be used for rapid vacuum drying at low to medium range temperatures where volatile element loss can be minimised
  2. Higher intensity lamp settings for maximum drying speed 
  3. 300mm Diameter Vacuum Chamber allows for a large range of samples from 1 – 5 kg grade control or concentrate samples to ~250 mm filter cakes
  4. Built in Vacuum Receiver/Water Trap Combo.