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Drying – Drying Ovens

MARC has been manufacturing large capacity high-performance Industrial DO1, DO2 and DO4 trolley drying ovens for decades. Our DO1, DO2 and DO4 trolley drying ovens have an exceptionally long life expectancy that spans decades. 


1. Large Capacity Trolley-Ovens 

Even heat distribution is notoriously difficult to achieve in large ovens – but our oven range has always been the market leader in that regard. We paused the manufacturing of our flagship large-capacity trolley-oven range to spend a significant amount of time engineering in even better heat distribution – and now we can offer a leap forward in performance improvement.   

We are now pleased to announce the re-release of our DO2E and DO4E ovens as well as our new-generation DO2E-HP



Re-designed from the ground up our flagship DO2E-HP oven now includes performance improvements in:

  1. Air Flow – A larger Volume Direct-Drive Fan;
  2. Air Distribution – A High-Performance Slotted Air Distribution System;
  3. Graphical Temperature Display
  4. Insulation – Two Stages of Insulation dramatically Improves Heat Retention; 
  5. Drip-Free Exhaust Management – i.e. Condensing Steam doesn’t Run back into the Oven; 
  6. Stainless Steel Load-Rated Trolley Design – Our Standard Oven Trolley is Now Independently Load Rated to 900 kg;
  7. Upgrade Options:
    • Relative Humidity Probe – View a Graphical Display of the RH over Time – know when your samples are dry.
    • Auto-Purge Control – When used with the Relative Humidity Probe the Oven will Purge Moist Air at a Pre-Set Internal Humidity Limit. At 105 °C the benefit of this is limited and will primarily aid in steam, smell or noxious off-gas removal but for lower temperature drying this can reduce drying time by up to 23%.  

Our standard DO2E and DO4E ovens have recently benefitted from a fan size increase to improve air flow and heat distribution in the chamber. 

No. of Trolleys
Trolley Volume
Design Temp / Max. 
Stock Code
DO2E 2   105 / 115  118511
DO2E-HP 2 1.3 each 105 / 150 123936
DO4E 4   105 / 115 125307
Accessories and Upgrades:
316 SS Trolley (WLL = 900 Kg) 123941
RH (Relative Humidity) Probe 123946
Auto-Purge (At High Humidity – Requires Part # 123946) 123951



2. Portable Large Capacity Rack-Ovens 

Larger capacity drying ovens than the DO2 size are even more notorius for heat distribution problems. Typically they are simply extended DO2 ovens with the same electrical compononents and fans despite containing double the sample volume and therefore (potentially) double the moisture volume.  

Our DO4 (4 x 1m3 trolleys) oven – like our DO2 – has been redesigned from the ground up. The sample drying capacity increases from 4 x 1m3 to 4 x 1.2m3 but in stackable racks and not trolleys.  Stacked sample racks are removed from the oven with a forklift and placed on dollys or on battery operated lift-tables for relocation. 

Due to the physical size of this oven it is not available for export but it is relocatable and is designed to sit out in the elements so does not need a cover. 

Contact us to discuss your needs. 


3. Smaller Capacity Floor- or Bench-Mounted Drying Ovens

We also supply smaller bench-mounted and intermediate floor-standing ovens. These  can reach temperatures of up to 250°C. 

720L Drying Oven on Optional Stand


Model Vol. Shelves Trolleys Design Temp Max.(°C) Stock Code Additional Shelf Stock Code 
DO12E 12L 2 N/A 250 111666 111696
DO30E 30L 111681 111701
DO60E 60L 120331 111666
DO125E 125L 111671 111711
DO150E 150L 189859 114336
DO240E 240L 111686 111706
DO430E 430L 111691 111716
DO720E* 720L 189223  113931

*Available with optional 150mm floor stand for wet areas.