Laboratory Products

Gas Distribution Systems

 We can Design and Supply the Gas Distribution System (GDS) for your laboratory. 



We manufacture a range of:

1. Welker Cylinder GC Sampling Stations.

2. Gauge Panels (Single or Multi).

3. Stainless Steel Bottle (Cylinder) Cradles for BenchTop Cylinder Sampling.

4. Vent or Purge Flow Control Panels for Gas Chromatography.

5. Cylinder Washing Systems (Steam Based).

6. Dip-Tube Sampling Stations.

7. Flashing Systems.

8. Drop-Out Pots for Liquid Removal from Gas Vent Tubing.

9. EX-Rated Cylinder Sampling Oven:

  • For Oven Installation in an Explosive Environment.
  • Heat Traced Gas Lines from Oven to GC or Other Analytical Equipment.
  • Internally Mounted Control Box with Set Point Temperature Control and Element Temperature Display.