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Pre-Engineered Lead and Dust Collector Packages


Gold Series

We have dust collectors in a range of sizes and configurations for low risk dust applications to highly hazardous dusts such as asbestos, silica, lead etc. In many circumstances the collector may be placed indoors or the air may be fully or partially re-circulated back into the lab if a HEPA exhaust filter system is used. 

To help with the process of selecting a suitable dust or lead collector we have simplified the available smaller collectors into pre-engineered packages.

Fire assay extraction systems need a different air:cloth and so the collector bodies are bigger than for the equivalent air flow in standard dust collectors.

Please also note – while some suppliers may pull more air through these collectors than listed in the table below – and suggest you could save money that way – you will be replacing the filters more frequently and you will also run the risk of rupturing filters. For collectors in metropolitan areas that may not be as much of a problem compared to remote locations where the cost of continuous filter shipping can be significant. A well-engineered system should be able to run for between 3 and 5 years between filter changes.

A list of the more common sizes are shown below.

If also using the dust collector for pulverised waste extraction please advise us so we can factor this into the sizing calculations.   

Larger systems should ideally be properly engineered – please contact us for assistance. 


Fire Assay: Pre-Engineered Lead Collector Packages

Required Air Flow (CFM)

Collector Package * 

Stock Code
1060 GS2 117446
2330 GS4 117447
3390 GS6 117456
4660 GS8 117461
5720 GS10 117466

*Includes Standard Leg & Hopper Set, Fan, Fan Spider, Filters, Pulse Controller & Collection Drum


Sample Preparation: Pre-Engineered Dust Collector Packages

Required Air Flow (CFM)

Collector Package * 

Stock Code
1500 GS2 117331
3000 GS4 117426
4500 GS6 117431
6000 GS8 117436
7500 GS10 117441

*Includes Standard Leg & Hopper Set, Fan, Fan Spider, Filters, Pulse Controller & Collection Drum



Smaller Applications with Hazardous Dusts



For smaller applications (excluding fire assay) with hazardous dusts we also have the option of EVOTECH dust collectors. These smaller high-efficiency collectors can be configured to be placed next to a bench where hazardous samples are being handled with dust being generated. The main filters are air-jet pulse cleaned and the air exhaust is filtered via a HEPA filter system before being released back into the room. 

The benefits of such an arrangement are that there is no conditioned air extracted from the room/building and potentially – due to the reduced collector size – the collector may be placed adjacent to the extraction point and so extensive duct runs with building penetrations may not be required.