Laboratory Products

Make-Up Air Introduction

MARC can provide filtered or unfiltered make-up air room pressurization systems that introduce air into your laboratory to feed the numerous fume and dust extraction systems that are present.

As mentioned elsewhere on our website the ability of extraction systems to “breathe” determines their effectiveness and the introduction of make-up air is therefore critical – but how it is introduced will also determine the effectiveness of the hood and may impact on your safety. 

There are numerous options for make-up air introduction:

  1. Basic Unfiltered Systems 
  2. Filtered Systems Requiring Periodic Cleaning
  3. Self-Cleaning Filtered Systems
  4. The above are available with or without Air Treatment (Dehumidification)

A well designed self-cleaning make-up air introduction system can provide years of maintenance-free and uninterrupted service.

While most larger make-up air systems are usually designed around your needs, we do suggest the following cost-effective self-cleaning make-up air introduction package unit:  


Description Mounting Air Flow (L/sec) Stock Code
Self-Cleaning Pressurization Unit (220-240V) Wall 250 189082


For laboratories needing more than 250 L/sec make-up air it is recommended to use multiples of the above unit to avoid high velocity air plumes in the lab and/or expensive diffuser systems associated with larger units. 

Please contact us for help with these systems and/or larger engineering requirements.