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Fume Arms

We supply a range of extendable corrosion resistant polypropylene fume arms for the extraction of less hazardous fume-emitting bench top processes where fume cupboards are either impractical or impossible.

In our opinion fume arms are second on the list of preferred equipment (below ducted fume cupboards) for the safe(er) use of lower-hazard chemicals. This is because the hood location can be adjusted to immediately over or behind the process where the fume is swept away from the user and is removed from the room. Fume arms are also a targeted and cost effective means of achieving your lab’s mandatory 5 air volume changes per hour.

In general fume arms are significantly cheaper to supply and install for a single extraction point requirement compared to a ducted fume cupboard.


*Please note it is still mandatory to use a fume cupboard to protect yourself or your staff from hazardous chemicals *


In all situations a recorded risk assessment should be performed if weighing up ducted fume cupboards versus fume arms – consult us if you need a more qualified opinion to help.


These arms are available in 75 and 110mm diameter (tube) sizes and are suitable for 2.8 to 3.2m high ceilings.


Description Fan Stock Code
75mm Polypropylene Fume Arm with Hood


110mm Polypropylene Fume Arm with Hood 117296

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