Laboratory Products

Extraction Hoods – AAS, ICP-OES, TGA, Fusion Equipment etc.

MARC designs and manufactures a range of stainless steel AAS, ICP-OES, TGA and fusion machine extraction hoods/systems with or without ducting to suit most analytical equipment. This ranges from ICP-OES extraction systems with adjustable butterfly valves to larger hoods covering beadmakers (fusion) equipment. We can also custom manufacture any hood to suit the equipment you have.

Additionally, our large extraction hoods have been re-designed to reduce noise.


Hood Description (Excl. Duct) Stock Number
AAS with Butterfly Valve (Agilent 55B, 240FS etc) 116446
ICP-OES With Butterfly Valve 120666
Beadmaker Hood – Ducted (For Claisse TheOX, XRF Scientific XRFuse 6, etc) Reduced Noise Design * 189421
Beadmaker Hood – Direct Penetration incl. Axial Fan (for Claisse TheOX, XRF Scientific XRFuse 6 etc.)  189860
TGA (Thermogravimetric Analsyser) incl. Blower Duct Clamp * 189220

* Ceiling Mounted