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MARC is the Australian Distributor for Bigneat Ductless Fume Cabinets. 



Re-circulation-type fume cabinets are significantly cheaper alternatives to ducted fume extraction systems. The limiting factor to their usefulness is the capability of the filters installed in the cabinet to remove the harmful components in the air that is being recirculated. These cabinets do not have sensors in place to determine if harmful or hazardous chemical fumes are not being effectively absorbed onto the chemical filters.



The responsibility rests with the client to make a statement on exactly what chemicals will be used in the cabinet and in what amounts they will be used in.  The client is then limited to using only those chemicals with the filters that are recommended by BigNeat.    

While re-circulation-type cabinets are NOT an option when using larger volumes of aggressive mineral acids – and when using light hydrocarbons – the cabinets can very safely be used in situations where particulates, heavier molecular weight organics, higher boiling point solvents or reactive chemicals need to be filtered out of the air-stream.

These are the typical applications where that is applicable:

  • Weighing fine powders such as XRF fluxes, pesticides, etc;
  • Samples where asbestos is suspected or known to occur;
  • Radioactive Dust Samples;
  • Samples that require microbes or DNA-containing dusts/particulates to be filtered out of the air; 

  • The handling of limited-volumes of the chemicals/solvents that you have listed to the supplier of the cabinet where they have then specified and supplied filters to suit.  

A major benefit with the ductless series of cabinets is that they can usually be placed on an existing lab bench and only require a standard single phase 10A power outlet.  Mobile trolleys are available if required.  

The re-circulation cabinets filter and the return the air in the working area environment via replaceable filters. 


BigNeat Filtration Technology

1. Carbon filtration.

Chemcap™ filters are used in all Bigneat cabinets and provide a filtration efficiency of 99.9% for the duration of the filter life, with no deterioration in filter performance. Chemcap™ filters have been developed following years of research and are manufactured to maximise both the chemical adsorption and physical absorption characteristics of carbon to achieve this high level of filtration performance.

Bigneat is a leader in carbon filtration technology

High performance laboratory grade carbon filter media is impregnated with additives to ensure the best possible retention capacities and filtration performance. Bigneat was one of the first companies to replace potentially toxic and carcinogenic inorganic additives with environmentally friendly and biodegradable compounds whilst maintaining excellent performance.

Bigneat’s carbon media have excellent retention capacities which are amongst the best in the world. Our programme of research and development continues to improve filter performance.

  • Excellent filter casing design
  • Only the highest grade of carbon is used, sourced carefully and monitored for changes in its grade
  • Good cabinet design ensures an even airflow through the filter

2. Particulate HEPA filtration.

Pre-filtration eliminates particles at 5.0 microns or larger to an efficiency of 92% as defined in BS EN ISO 779.

HEPA filtration (H14 Standard) eliminates particles 0.3 microns or larger to an efficiency of 99.995%.

ULPA (U16 Standard) is available as an optional upgrade and has an efficiency of 99.999% for particle sizes of 0.1 – 0.3 microns MPPS (Most Penetrating Particle Size) as defined in EN 1822.


Choosing your optimised Chemcap™ filtration with or without particulate filtration.

As you may know, various chemicals have varying absorption, adsorption and reactivity properties on chemical filters. As a result we need to know what processes and chemicals you plan to use in the cabinet so we can advsie what filters – or combination of filters – you would need. Please contact us for further advice.  


Free Risk Assessment Service.

What are your risks? Please contact us for a free assessment and our chemist will undertake a risk analysis and suggest the best filter for your purposes. 


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