EVOTEC Mobile & Fixed Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

MARC is the Australian Distributor of EVOTEC industrial self-cleaning vacuum cleaners and vacuum system products made by EVO-PRODUCTS in Germany for hazardous dusts and areas/applications requiring EX rated equipment. 
These mobile or fixed vacuum cleaners and systems are available for the following dust classes:

M = Medium Safety
M / Type 22 = Medium Safety/Explosion-Proof
H = High Safety
H / Type 22 = High Safety/Explosion-Proof
H / Asbestos = Highest Filtration Class and Safety (*Not Self Cleaning)

To remain consistent with our expertise in industrial dust extraction systems we will focus on the EVOTEC products with compressed-air-jet based filter cleaning. In our opinion this is the most efficient filter cleaning mechanism by far. Clean filters = sustained rated air flow = higher vacuum efficiency, better value for money & less frequent filter replacement.  Please note however that for asbestos applications there is no compressed-air-jet based filter cleaning option.

There are products in the EVOTEC range that have filter shake-to-clean systems so please feel free to contact us for information on them. 




A table comparing the various models within the EVOTEC range of portable vacuums that can be upgraded with a compressed-air-jet based filter cleaning system is shown below:


Table of Product Comparisons  – Click to Open PDF



The Air-Pulse-Jet Up-gradable Range of EVOTEC Mobile Vacuum Cleaners



These vacuums are available in configurations to suit the following dust types: