Self-Cleaning Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

We supply high duty cycle vacuum cleaners for industrial applications. We only supply self-cleaning Air-Jet Pulse cleaned vacuum cleaners as this is consistent with our expertise in industrial dust extraction systems where this technology is the accepted – and most-effective – filter cleaning standard.  Generally vacuum cleaners designed specifically for concrete grinding are in a league of their own when it comes to handling large volumes of stone chips and dust – as would be expected. 

In the air-jet pulse cleaned category there are vacuum cleaners that simply periodically blast the exhaust of the vacuum fan – which is under positive pressure – through the filters in a reverse direction, and there are vacuums that periodically blast an external source of compressed air through the filters – also in the reverse direction to the vacuum flow.  In the latter situation a small compressor can either be mounted on a platform on top of the vacuum cleaner or an air hose can be connected from your existing air compressor. 


The industrial self cleaning vacuum cleaners on this website are designed for continuous heavy duty operation and are not priced to compete against small “disposable” workshop vacuums. 


Self-Cleaning Vacuums – the Pros and Cons of the Different Cleaning Mechanisms:


Filter Cleaning  


Cost Advantages Disadvantages
None Low Cost ·       Low Cost.  

·       Fewer components to fail.

·  Performance drops off almost immediately after switching on as filters foul.  

·  Generally have less “Suction”.

·  Generally have less dust storage volume.

·  Generally require frequent filter changing with associated filter replacement costs.

·  Generally designed for significantly lower duty cycle.


(Filters are tapped or shaken to dislodge surface dust)

Intermediate ·        Generally can handle slightly higher dust loads than units with no filter cleaning mechanisms before requiring filter replacement.  

·        Generally have more “Suction” than units with no filter cleaning mechanisms.

·        Generally have more dust storage volume than units with no filter cleaning mechanisms.

·        Generally designed for a higher duty cycle than units with no filter cleaning mechanisms.

·  Performance drops after switching it on as filters foul.  

·  Generally also require frequent filter changing as cleaning mechanism is not thorough.

·  More components to fail.

Air-Jet Pulse

(Filters are blasted with a jet of compressed air in the opposite direction to vacuum flow)

Highest ·        Performance continues for a significantly longer period.  

·        Generally designed for the highest duty cycle.

·        Generally have more “Suction”.

·        Generally have more dust storage volume.

·        Generally require infrequent filter changing.

·  Highest Cost.  

·  More components to fail.

·  Can have more expensive filters (but replaced less frequently)



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