Crushing & Screening

Dry Fog can be used for dust suppression in jaw crushers, cone crushers, hammer mills, breakers and mobile crushing systems, primary, secondary and tertiary as well as screens and feeders. Typically, the process of crushing will produce dust through the action of exposing material and mechanically breaking down the larger rock sections into smaller, more manageable size. Disturbance of the material as it falls into the crusher body also creates dust, as does the discharge and impact onto a conveyor or apron feeder below.




Typically the application is to provide fog into the infeed for the crusher of breaker, to cover the generated dust from the crushing process. For jaw and cone crushers with open tops, fog nozzles are mounted on the top perimeter and project dry fog into the dust generation point.

For single, double and triple deck screens, fog is typically applied to the infeed and discharge from the screen. Where necessary, if nozzles can also be mounted above the screen bed in the screen cover or from a Unistrut frame above the screen bed if there are no dust covers. Nozzles at the drop off point onto the outfeed conveyors where possible, and after the impact point on the receiving conveyor is typical.

Smaller DSN-3 or DSN-6 nozzles can be used for these applications. Water and air consumption requirements are low, and moisture addition is between 0.05 and 0.1%, there are no concerns regarding corrosion of infrastructure as fog that has not agglomerated with dust quickly evaporates, water usage in comparison to a typical water spray system is usually less than 20%.