Laboratory Products

Automated and Semi-Automated Particle Sizing Systems


We offer two automated particle size distribution determination products. Sample introduction into the product’s magazine is manual but in reality they are automatic from that point. We offer an automatic / automated sieve shaker unit and an automated / automatic photo-optical imaging unit. 


1. Semi-Automated Photo-Optical Based Particle Sizing System

This system uses Haver’s proven photo-optical particle analysis system as the main analytical component. The systems works by feeding the sample past a high resolution camera where images of the sample are automatically processed to produce a highly accurate particle size distribution dataset.  Because the sample is not separated into size categories (like with sieves on a sieve shaker) there is no ability to collect various sized fractions for further analysis.  The sample is, however, processed past the camera quite rapidly to offer turnaround time advantages over shaker-based systems. There are also not many wearing parts needing frequent replacement. 


  • Based on the proven Haver CPA Photo-optical particle analyser range;
  • Sample Queuing Design for Maximum ROI;
  • Significantly Faster than Sieving;
  • Few Wearing Components.


  • No “fraction” Collection;
  • Incompatible with Highly Agglomerated Samples.


2. Semi-Automated Sieve-Based Particle Sizing System for 450mm Sieves

This system is based on a modified electromagnetic sieve shaker with automated sample loading, sieve emptying and sieve weighing.  This is only available as a 450mm sieve system and it only uses Haver & Boecker sieves.  When used with a waste conveyor this system can be fully automatic if individual fraction retention is not desired. 


  • Based on Electromagnetic Sieve Shaking rather than vibration motors (to reduce wearing parts);
  • Sample Queuing Design for Maximum ROI;
  • 20 kg Sample Size;
  • Up to 13 x 450mm Sieves;
  • “Fraction” Collection is Possible.


  • Slower than the Photo-Optical System
  • Like With All Sieve-Based Systems Sieve Pegging is Possible/Likely;
  • De-Pegging is performed manually. 

For more information on these two systems please feel free to contact us directly.