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Cyclosizer Quick Calibration Tool

If your Cyclosizer’s C1 – C5 interlinking pipework has been dismantled or if your unit is aging then it will probably need to be re-calibrated to determine its new separating capabilities. 

The calculator below assumes the use of MARC-Supplied calibration samples (CZ229) and also assumes you have read the operation manual and have experience operating the Cyclosizer.  


How to perform a Cyclosizer Calibration:

Firstly, the water temperature at which the calibration is run has a strong effect on the overall correction factor so it is important to check that your temperature gauge is reporting the correct water tank temperature. We suggest that you check this by holding an accurate laboratory thermometer in the tank (below the water level) for a few minutes and compare that with the dial gauge. The dial gauge can be corrected. 


Note: Perform all calibration runs on the same day to keep the water temperature between runs as similar as possible.  Also ensure the temperature of the water supplied to your Cyclosizer is stable. For best results the water supply should be protected from temperature-varying factors such as hot and cold sunny/shady walls, pipes passing hot equipment, etc.  This will help not only improve the accuracy of the calibration results but all the data derived from the Cycloszier.     



  1. Accurately weigh a calibration silica sample including bag (CZ229).
  2. Empty the silica into the sample container.
  3. Weigh the empty bag and subtract the mass to calculate the mass of silica in the sample container. 
  4. Add Water to the sample container, close and shake the container to disperse the sample and continue as per the Operation Manual. 
  5. As per the Operation Manual perform runs at 11.6 L/Min and record the water temperatures of each run.
    • Perform 2 runs at 15, 30 and 45 mins (6 runs in total)
    • Record the masses of each C1 – C5 fraction after filtering & drying. 
    • If you only require a quick and indicative assessment of your unit’s performance perform 1 run at 15, 30 and 45 mins (3 runs in total). Duplicate the results for each time (i.e. 15, 30 and 45 mins) in the table below so that all cells are populated.
  6. Enter your results into the table below and click “Calculate“.


Please note: The Calculator below is now formulated to run on Batch 6 CZ229 Calibration Silica packs which are all packs supplied after 13th December 2018. If you were supplied CZ229 packs prior to this please email us the data to perform the calculation on your behalf (no charge). 


Load Sample Data” loads a pre-determined arbitrary set of results and should not be clicked for your calibration calculation.


Batch 6 CZ229 Calibration Calculator:

15 min 30 min 45 min
Run # 1 2 3 4 5 6
Net Silica Sample Mass (g)
Water Temp (deg C)

Note: Flow rate for run needs to be set at 11.6 L/Min

C1 Net Sample Mass after Drying (g)
C2 Net Sample Mass after Drying (g)
C3 Net Sample Mass after Drying (g)
C4 Net Sample Mass after Drying (g)
C5 Net Sample Mass after Drying (g)


Please note: If your Cyclosizer is in good enough condition and your Cyclosizing technique is precise and consistent then regression analysis is not a concern. If you are concerned about data accuracy please send us your results and we can perform the calculation for you.