Laboratory Products

Flat-Pack Mine Site Laboratories

Modified Shipping Containers are typically used as laboratories in very remote locations where the cost of shipping materials – and flying skilled labour – to site is high.  However, shipping containers are subject to international shipping regulations. For every cut made to a container we have to reinforce with structural steel to get the structural integrity back so the container does not twist and potentially even collapse when stacked on a ship in transit.  Few people realise the financial risks involved in shipping modified containers around the world. If your modified container that you have sent on a ship collapses the shipping company will investigate and hold someone financially liable for the delays and the loss of goods.  The government’s safety authorities will probably also get involved.  

While it is high risk, the point is to ensure you work with manufacturers that can re-engineer the container after modifications and will get the container re-certified for ocean freight. It is actually recommended to over-engineer the container to prove structural strength increases over a standard container. 

The other factor to consider is the spatial limitations within a container. A shipping container has a limited width – as you would expect – and laboratories generally need good air flow as the substances worked with are generally considered hazardous and should be well extracted. Feeding air into a small area in large volumes results in turbulent air which can affect fume extraction systems and either cold or hot plumes of air that can cause operator discomfort.  Once again – this is not a factor that cannot be overcome, but it does add to the cost of trying to create a laboratory from a container for permanent installation. 

Another factor to consider is shipping containers generally don’t look good in coastal / high humidity zones after a few years – they are made from mild steel and will corrode.   

Flat-Packed Sheds can, however, be used effectively as laboratories where more space is needed. If you’re worried about expensive and time consuming remote laboratory design and manufacturing, with MARC’s design experience we can transform a simple flat-pack shed into a fit-for-purpose mine site laboratory that can be shipped in containers to anywhere a container can get to. Yes there will be labour costs but the benefit is the package is pre-engineered and all materials are supplied. The biggest benefit is in the fact that the structure will be much larger and therefore can be permanent. 

Use our concrete and erection drawings to employ local skilled contractors to erect the building under the guidance one of our experienced site supervisors. We will ship all the components to you – electrical boards, lights, conduit, vinyl floor covering, etc.  

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