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Other Particle Sizing Equipment & Accessories

MARC manufactures and supplies a wide range of equipment to assist with particle sizing tasks. This range extends from simple singe-sieve pneumatic vibrator straps to full sieve shakers.


Wet Screening or Desliming Equipment

  • Electric Single Sieve Vibrator for 300mm Sieves (& 200mm if the optional adaptor is used)




  • The optional adapter allows the use of both 200 and 300mm sieves with the same unit.
  • This unit is designed to sit over a sink.
  • The vibration intensity is adjustable.





  • Pneumatic Single Sieve Vibrator Strap




  • A stainless steel vibrating strap that wraps around a standard 200, 300 or 450mm sieve that operates with compressed air only.
  • Safe for use in wet areas. Uses a “silent” pneumatic vibrator.
  • These are designed to be cost effective enough for multiple units to be used simultaneously. 




  • Bucket Adapter for 200mm Sieves (316SS)

Bucket Adaptor




  • For use with 200mm sieves and the Pneumatic Single Sieve Vibrator Strap.  






Item Operation Stock Code
Electric Single Sieve Vibrator for 300mm Sieves Electric 125039
200mm Sieve Adaptor for 125039 N/A 189361
Pneumatic Single Sieve Vibrator for 200mm Sieves Compressed Air 119639
Bucket Adaptor for 200mm Sieves N/A 100956
Pneumatic Single Sieve Vibrator for 300mm Sieves Compressed Air 100641
Bucket Adaptor for 300mm Sieves N/A 100861


Classic Heavy Duty Sieve Shakers



  • For use with 450mm round or square sieves
  • Vibration Intensity is not adjustable.  







Test Sieve Grade ISO 3310-1 Woven Wire Mesh Sweco or Kason Separator Replacement Decks


  • Sweco or Kason Vibratory Screeners can be fitted with Test Sieve Grade Mesh to convert these to useful “shakers” for larger samples.
  • Because of the various makes and models of vibratory screeners available please contact us for details on this service.






Sieve Weighing Workstation with Hopper 



  • The sieve weighing process is usually a dusty task – especially for the finer fractions.
  • This 1800mm Workstation is made specifically for sieve weighing of up to 450mm diameter sieves. 
  • Options of Load cell with screen.
  • Options of Bucket lifting arrangements to save load cell. 

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