Laboratory Products & Solutions

Other Particle Sizing Equipment & Accessories

MARC manufactures and supplies a wide range of equipment to assist with particle sizing tasks. This range extends from simple singe-sieve pneumatic vibrator straps to full sieve shakers.


Wet Screening or De-Sliming Equipment


  • Electric Single Sieve Vibrator for 300mm Sieves (& 200mm if the optional adaptor is used)




  • The optional adapter allows the use of both 200 and 300mm sieves with the same unit.
  • This unit is designed to sit over a sink.
  • The vibration intensity is adjustable.






  • Pneumatic Single Sieve Vibrator Strap




  • A stainless steel vibrating strap that wraps around a standard 200, 300 or 450mm sieve that operates with compressed air only.
  • Safe for use in wet areas. Uses a “silent” pneumatic vibrator.
  • These are designed to be cost effective enough for multiple units to be used simultaneously. 




  • Bucket Adapter for 200mm Sieves (316SS)

Bucket Adaptor




For use with 200mm sieves and the Pneumatic Single Sieve Vibrator Strap.  






Item Operation Stock Code
Electric Single Sieve Vibrator for 300mm Sieves Electric 125039
200mm Sieve Adaptor for 125039 N/A 189361
Pneumatic Single Sieve Vibrator for 200mm Sieves Compressed Air 119639
Bucket Adaptor for 200mm Sieves N/A 100956
Pneumatic Single Sieve Vibrator for 300mm Sieves Compressed Air 100641
Bucket Adaptor for 300mm Sieves N/A 100861



Classic Heavy Duty Sieve Shakers



  • For use with 450mm round or square sieves
  • Vibration Intensity is not adjustable.  






Test Sieve Grade ISO 3310-1 Woven Wire Mesh Sweco or Kason Separator Replacement Decks


  • Sweco or Kason Vibratory Screeners can be fitted with Test Sieve Grade Mesh to convert these to useful “shakers” for larger samples.
  • Because of the various makes and models of vibratory screeners available please contact us for details on this service.





Sieve Weighing Workstation with Hopper 



The sieve weighing process is usually a dusty task – especially for the finer fractions.

This 1800mm Workstation is made specifically for sieve weighing of up to 450mm diameter sieves. 

Options of Load cell with screen.

Options of Bucket lifting arrangements to save load cell. 






Sieve Shaker Sound Enclosures  


We manufacture a range of sound enclosures for small and large sieve shakers.  

Lined with acoustic foam.

Includes externally mounted controller support bracket for sieve shakers with separate controllers. 

A range of sizes is available.