Metallurgical Equipment

MARC manufactures and/or supplies a wide range of metallurgical equipment. If we don’t make it we can most likely source it for you. 


  • Rod and Ball Mills / Bond Index Rod and Ball Mills

    With or without Auto-Tilting and Sound Enclosure.


Rod Mill with 316SS Barrel

MARC Rod Milll with Enclosure

Mill Type Safety/Sound Enclosure Barrel Vol./Ore Mass. Barrel Material Auto-Tilting Stock Code
Rod Yes 8 L  / 1 kg 316SS No 127264
No 8 L /1 kg 316SS No 127876
Rod/Ball Yes 15 L / 2-3 kg 304SS No 189655
No 15 L / 2- 3 kg 304SS No 189656
Yes 30 L / 5 – 6 kg 304SS No 100866
Bond Rod Yes   MS No 189657
No   MS No 189658
Yes   MS Yes 189462
No   MS Yes 189464
Bond Ball Yes   MS No 189465
No   MS No 189463



  • Flotation Machines

    • Benchtop Model with Various Cell Sizes available in Perspex or Stainless Steel.

*Please note these cells are not compatible with FLSmidth/Essa flotation machines*




Benchtop Flotation Machine with Cells



  • Pilot-Sized Model (50L).


Pilot Flotation Machine with 50L Cell



Item Stock Code
Benchtop Flotation Machine 240v 189771
Flotation Cell Cell Stator Impellor Shaft Stock Code
0.5L 304SS 304SS 304SS 189483
1.5L 189484
2.5L 189485
5.0L 189740
10L 124171
1.5L 304SS 304SS Nylon 100401
2.5L 100406
5.0L 100411
10L 124176
1.5L Perspex 304SS Nylon 100416
2.5L 101146
5.0L 103761
Item Stock Code
50L Pilot Flotation Machine 124271



  • Infra-Red Drying Lights

Infra Red Dryer

Lamps Extraction Fan Stock Code
8 Yes 125043
10 Yes 189460



  • Laboratory Leach Vessels & Agitators

Leach Vessels

Baffled Leach Vessel Vol.  Material  Stock Code
5L Perspex 125038
10L Perspex 125037



  • BenchTop and Centralised Vacuum Filtration Systems



Many vacuum pump sizes are available. 



  • Y-Blender

Y blender

Sample Volume Enclosure Stock Code
20L Yes 127859



  • ISO Tumble Mill for Iron Ore

ISO Mill

Description Stock Code
ISO Tumble Mill (Ore Tumbler) 189132



  • Leach Column Systems (Columns, Column Stands, Peristaltic Pumps)



  • Gold Cyanide Leach Bottle Rollers 


Standard Bottle Roller

Model Speed Control Timer Bottles (4.5L Jar) Stock Code
6 BRB (Basic) Fixed Speed No 6 126348
6 BRT (Timer)  Fixed Speed  Yes  6 112761
6 BRTV (Timer & Variable Speed) Variable Yes 6 189200



  • Lockable Concentrate Cabinets

Sample Box

Description Material  Stock Code
50L Concentrate Tray Cabinet – Lockable Aluminium/Polycarbonate 100131


  • ISO Incremental Sampling Scoops for Copper Concentrates




  • Rotary Sample Dividers

Designed to be Simple, Safe, Robust and Economical

Our standard rotary sample divider is a 20Lt Unit with an 8 Bucket Set.

All parts contacting the sample are made from stainless steel.

  • Bench Top, 10Lt and 240Lt sized units and custom units are also available.


RSD Model Standard Bucket Config. Stock Code
Benchtop/Mini 6 x 16.66% 189640
10L 8 x 12.5% 127275
20L 126792
30L 126230
50L 129311
240/84* 12 x 7L 189056



  • Attritioners
    • For Mineral Sands sample homogenization.


Description Operation  Stock Code
Mineral Sands Sample Attritioner Electric/Pneumatic 100136



  • Dust Extraction System Supply, Install and Service from the Experts


    • Camfil Gold Series Dust Collectors with or without Camfil HEPA Filtered Return Air Systems.


    • Conveyor Belt Waste Removal Systems.


    • Nordfab Quick-Fit Duct (Stock Kept).


    • In-House Manufactured Fans to Suit your Extraction Requirements and Paint Specifications.


    • Centralised Laboratory Vacuum Systems for Crushed or Pulverised Sample Disposal.


  • Air-Pulse Cleaned (Self Cleaning) Industrial Vacuum Cleaners (Don’t Require Connection to an Air Line) 


    • The Pulse-Bac® Self Cleaning Vacuum Cleaners Come in 3 Sizes (Click to Download Brochures):
      • 44 Gallon Drum Mounted
      • 16 Gallon Tank
      • 8 Gallon

Click Here to see our separate Portable Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner Page


We are also able to assist you with your equipment list by supplying the following;

  • Marcy Scale
  • Wilfley Table
  • Knelson Concentrator
  • Point Load Testers
  • Kason and Sweco Separators
  • pH/Probes/ DO Probes/ CN Probes
  • Magnetic Separation & Measurement Equipment


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