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Sample Dewatering: Pressure Filters & Vacuum Filters


MARC Technologies Manufactures and Supplies a wide range of pressure filters in bench mount or floor standing configurations.


Please Read: *In September 2015 the Government of Western Australia’s Department of Mining and Petroleum (DMP) issued a reminder that Laboratory Pressure Filters are to be designed and treated as Pressure Vessels (Click Here to Read).*

Although the term “filter press” is commonly used for this equipment this is actually incorrect – the correct term is “Pressure Filter” and it should not be forgotten that these are pressurized vessels and that they need to comply with the Australian pressure vessel standard which is AS 1210. The average pressure filter cannot be cost effectively modified to comply with AS 1210 as there are a few key structural changes required and the pressure filters commonly used in mineral sample processing applications have not in any way been designed to comply with AS 1210. 

In summary, the requirement for pressure filters on mine-sites in Western Australia to have AS 1210 compliance has simply emphasized the commonly known need for any equipment to be proven as fit-for-purpose for its task. Without AS 1210 compliance it may be that your pressure filter is actually not able to remain intact when pressurized due to either a lack of verified structural strength and/or unsuitable weld quality.  


Quick & Easy Handling – High Performance Certified AS 1210 Compliant Pressure Filter


High Performance AS 1210 13 and 6L Pressure Filters




Main Features:

  • 6 & 13L Sample Volume Options
  • Rapid Dewatering Design (Up to 80% faster filtering than competitor products)
  • AS 1210 Compliant
  • Corrosion Resistant 316 Stainless Steel Construction  
  • Filter cloth clamping time: ~3 seconds (depending on operator experience)
  • Time to close and pressurise: ~2 seconds 
  • Removable filter cake support is supplied as standard 
  • Filter media clamping force is easily adjustable in seconds.


Please also note MARC’s pressure filter is designed to be operated at 500 kPa and is designed for a maximum sample hazard classification of “Harmful liquid and/or Gas”. This covers gold/cyanide applications.  


Sample Volume (L) Compressed Solids Volume (L) Barrel OD (mm) Barrel  Frame  MARC Stock Code
6 1.7 169 316SS 316SS 111916
13 2.9 225 316SS 316SS 119111


**Please note the pressure filters below this line do not comply with AS 1210 and may not be used on West Australian Mine Sites**


Floor Mounted Pressure Filters (Not AS 1210 Compliant)


MARC 24L FM Pressure Filter_Red

24L Floor Mount Pressure Filter with Mild Steel Frame



5L Floor Mount Pressure Filter with corrosion resistant 316 Stainless Steel Frame


The floor mounted pressure filters up a 24L sample size are available with Mild Steel or 316SS frames. The cylinders are available in 316SS only. The 41L size is only available in 316 stainless steel. 

*Note: Stainless Steel frames do have a higher cost but they dramatically extend the life of the filter – especially considering their wet environment and their typical use in processing corrosive samples, including sulfide ores. Also considering pressure filters are pressurized vessels having a stainless steel corrosion resistant structure would be safer in the longer term.

We also supply filter cloths and kraft filter paper as consumables for our filters.


Capacity (L) Cylinder OD (mm) Cylinder Material Frame Material MARC Stock Code
5 169 316SS Epoxy Coated Mild Steel 189470
316SS 316SS 114536
13 225 316SS Epoxy Coated Mild Steel 125183
316SS 316SS 189610
24 273 316SS Epoxy Coated Mild Steel 189625
316SS 316SS 189651
41 324 316SS 316SS 189652
Add Electrolytic Galvanizing Treatment to Mild Steel Floor Mount Frames 112151



Bench Mounted Pressure Filters (Not AS 1210 Compliant)


 The bench mounted pressure filters are available with Mild Steel or 316SS frames. The cylinders are available in 316SS only.

It is best to keep the bench mounted filters to a smaller size as the cylinders are manually lifted. 




Capacity(L) Barrel OD (mm) Barrel Material Frame Material MARC Stock Code
4 169 316SS Epoxy Coated Mild Steel 189469
316SS 316SS 189674
13 225 316SS Epoxy Coated Mild Steel 189212
316SS 316SS 189678



Bench Mounted Vacuum Filter 



The bench mounted vacuum filter is available for filtering up to 6L of slurry. Cylinders are available in 316SS only.  Vacuum and filtrate reservoir options are available. Vacuum can be generated via a typical electrical vacuum pump or generated pneumatically via a simple compressed air supply. 






Larger vacuum systems are recommended for the vacuum filtration of slurries. MARC can offer products to suit. 










Pressure & Vacuum Filter Consumables 


We typically carry stock of the following consumables.

Description Stock Code
Filter Cloth – 20 x 20cm 189917
Filter Cloth – 25 x 25cm 103971
Filter Cloth – 30 x 30cm 112811
Filter Cloth Per Meter (205cm Wide) 111751
Filter Paper 30 x 30cm Squares (Pack of 1000) 111621