Laboratory Products

Rotary Sample Dividers – Small to Large


MARC Rotary Sample Dividers are Designed to be Simple, Safe, Robust and Economical. 

Our “standard” rotary sample divider is a 20Lt Unit with an 8 Bucket Set and this is sufficient for the majority of applications but – as with all our products – alternate and custom sizes are available.

All parts contacting the sample are made from 316 stainless steel. 


***Custom units are also available***




BenchTop Rotary Sample Divider




10L Rotary Sample Divider




20L Rotary Sample Divider




84L Rotary Sample Divider



Custom Splitters



RSD Model Standard Bucket Config. Stock Code
Benchtop/Mini 6 x 16.66% 189640
10L 8 x 12.5% 127275
20L 126792
30L 126230
50L 129311
240/84* 12 x 7L 189056