Laboratory Products

Infrared Drying & Moisture Determination (Gravimetric)


We manufacture a range of cost effective InfraRed Drying lamp products.

Extraction is crucial for infrared systems to prevent the equipment overheating as well as to remove corrosive gases and steam.  Temperatures can vary within an infrared system due to distance from lamp, width of the sample, air flow etc. These factors can also be tweaked to improve effectiveness. 


Basic Sample Heating & Drying Systems

We have the traditional MARC floor standing unit with in-built extraction system and we have a low cost modular unit that can be placed on a bench and connected to a separate extraction system.

The modular unit is supplied with an extraction spigot for direct connection to an extraction system. 



Modular Bench Mounted InfraRed Drying Lamps (~250 ┬░C Surface Temp)



Infra Red Dryer

Floor Standing InfraRed Drying Lamps with Extraction Fan


Lamps Extraction Fan Config. Stock Code
4 Optional:   Extraction Fan and Flex Duct System Bench Mount 111776
8 Yes Floor Standing 125043
10 Yes 189460


Automatic Moisture Determination

We will soon be releasing a variant of our benchtop stainless steel 4-lamp IR heater with 4 load cells for automated temperature controlled heating and moisture determination. 


InfraRed sample heating has its limitations – please contact us for advice on your application.