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Infrared Drying Lights

We manufacture a range of cost effective InfraRed Drying lamp products. We have the traditional MARC floor standing unit with in-built extraction fan and duct to extract any moisture and off-gases and we have a low cost modular unit that can be placed on a bench and connected to an extraction system at a later stage if required.

The modular unit is supplied with an extraction spigot and damper for direct connection to an extraction system.



Modular Bench Mounted InfraRed Drying Lamps 



Infra Red Dryer

Floor Standing InfraRed Drying Lamps with Extraction Fan


Lamps Extraction Fan Config. Stock Code
4 Optional System Bench Mount 111776
8 Yes Floor Standing 125043
10 Yes 189460


InfraRed sample heating has its limitations – please contact us for advice on your application.