Laboratory Products

Workstations – Extracted

Extracted workstations are crucial in a sample preparation facility. MARC manufactures a wide range of extracted workstations. 


  • Supplied Standard with a light, Light Switch and Rubber Work Surface (Please request these items to be removed if preferred).
  • 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000 and 2400mm Workstations or anything in between and with any degree of modification.
  • With Pulverised Sample Waste Hoppers for Rapid and Simple Waste Removal to the Dust Collector.


1800mm Workstation_Red

Workstation Width(mm) Light Waste Chute Stock Code
1200 Yes No 124986
1500 Yes No 124987
1800 Yes No 124988
Yes Dual Chute 189208
2000 Yes No 127350
2400 Yes No 128775