Fire Assay Equipment

MARC’s fire Assay equipment is designed to be both durable and practical to meet the demands of the industry. We also build customized equipment to meet with your exact specifications. For further advice on what is suitable for your application please e-mail us query or call one of our laboratory team members who will be happy to discuss how we can meet your requirements.


Fire Assay Layout



  • Fluxing Weighing Workstation (Weigh Bench)
    • Flux weighing into crucibles needs to be performed in a suitable extracted environment.
    • The MARC flux weighing workstation is supplied with a pot grid welded to the work surface for alignment of crucibles.
    • Our Standard Fluxing Workstation Standard is 1800mm Wide.
    • There is an option of a flux-bin cutout.
    • As with most MARC products there is an option for customisation to suit you needs. 
Width (mm) Light Pot Grid Flux Bin Cut-Out Stock Code
1800 Y Yes

(Advise configuration. when ordering)

No 127315
Yes 100961


  • Pot/Crucible Tumbler 


  • The MARC “pot” tumbler is a speed-controlled rotating platform that mixes fluxed samples.
  • The platform automatically returns to the loading/unloading position when stopped.
  • Optional crucible trays are available separately.
  • The unit is designed to be extracted – and has extraction spigots for connection to your lead extraction system. 
  • Cleaning is simplified by a hinged front panel. 




Description Stock Code
Pot / Crucible Tumbler 127315






  • Standard Furnace Loader


  • Battery Operated Furnace Loader


  • The battery operated furnace loader mechanizes the crucible lifting task.  
  • Please note the loader only offers motorized lifting assistance – forward and backwards movement is still manual.   
  • The Forks suit the crucible batch configuration.











  • Pouring and Hot Pot (Crucible) trolleys





  • These two units work together to facilitate the pouring of hot samples from the crucibles into the moulds. 
  • The Pouring trolley is used with a pouring tong and moulds (both purchased separately). 
  • The Hot Pot Trolley holds the trays that the used pots are placed onto. Once the pouring process is complete this tray is eventually taken to the Crucible storage rack below.
  • Both the Pouring and Hot pot trolleys are sized to fit the fired batch sizes.










  • Knock-up benches 


  • Here the moulds are tipped over and the lead buttons cleaned and shaped using a hammer. 
  • The Knock-Up Bench typically contains a strengthened “anvil” for the hammering process. 
  • Since there is risk of lead exposure in this process due to slag dust MARC also offers an Extracted model.













  • Used (Hot Pot) Crucible Storage Racks 

Used Pot Storage Rack


  • These pots are used to stack the trays after the pouring process. They allow the pots to cool before assessment for re-use. 
  • These are designed to suit the different classic batch sizes – 25 and 50 crucibles. With narrower crucibles these batch sizes can be increased – simply advise your batch size for a price. 



Configuration Suggested Furnace Crucible Stock Code
5 x 25 Crucibles 25PF 50 / 65g 125139
5 x 30 Crucibles 25PF 30 / 40 / 55g 128777
5 x 42 Crucibles 25PF 30 / 40 / 55g 112891
5 x 50 Crucibles 50PF 50 / 65g 127256
10 x 25 Crucibles 25PF 50 / 65g 189475
10 x 30 Crucibles 25PF 30 / 40 / 55g 189477
10 x 42 Crucibles 25PF 30 / 40 / 55g 113391
10 x 50 Crucibles 50PF 50 / 65g 189476
10 x 84 Crucibles 50PF 30 / 40 / 55g 112901
  • Prill Bench



  • Fusion Furnaces



  • Cupellation Furnaces



  • Cupel Forks






  • Cupel Cooling Racks



  • Furnace Cleaning tools



  • Pouring tongs









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