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Other Laboratory Fume Extraction Systems

MARC Technologies has been involved in advanced extraction system design for many years. A laboratory needs well balanced extraction and air supply systems Рwithout enough air extraction systems will not work.

Fume Cupboards Need Air to Breathe Рtheir fans are usually more powerful than smaller extraction system fans like AAS fans, ICP-OES extraction fans, etc. In fact we see hazardous fumes being sucked in via these exhaust systems in more situations than you would expect.

The air in a typical mine site lab is potentially extremely carcinogenic due to the presence of aggressive mineral acids Рfresh air introduction is crucial and is also stipulated in the Australian laboratory design standard AS/NZS 2982!

Air being pulled out of a lab via the many extraction systems will need to be replaced  Рits a law of physics Рin that process dirt and dust will find its way in which results in contamination, dirty equipment and potential inhalation.

MARC can help you feed air into your laboratory building in a variety of ways to suit your budget.

Reduce your Extracted air by up to 70%!! Ask us about our engineered Make-Up Air Extraction Hoods and Self-Cleaning Air Filtration Systems.

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