Laboratory Products

DIBK/Aliquat Extraction Test Tube Tumbler

MARC’s DIBK/Aliquat 336 Extraction Test Tube Tumbler is a Heavy Duty 316 S/Steel Variable Speed tumbler for the tumbling of test tubes when extracting gold into DIBK/Aliquat solutions

The unit is supplied with a separate controller that can be positioned away from the tumbler to protect it from acid or organic fumes.  The chamber is designed to hold a test tube rack with approx 50 test tubes. We can make test tube racks for most test tube sizes to fit the tumbler. Voids are filled in with foam. 



Stock No.  Description Chamber Dimensions Material Electrical Req. 
128613 Test Tube Tumbler 409mm L x 214mmH x 224mmW  316SS  220 – 240V / 50Hz 10A