Acid Digestion & Wet Laboratory Equipment

MARC Technologies can supply a wide range of assay laboratory equipment including:


  • Test Tube Racks – 316 Stainless Steel



The MARC stainless steel test tube racks are the Drop-Through type and are designed to align with all the MARC Test Tube Digester Blocks. 

Different size options are available. 






  • Test Tube Digester Blocks for Heavy Acid Environments – Anodised Aluminium or Graphite 



 We use 316SS for the body of the digester and the heater block itself is manufactured from aluminium and then anodised for additional chemical protection.  The heater block is also available in graphite – which is recommended if aluminium contamination is a concern and/or if perchloric acid is being used.  Also available are chemical resistant coatings. The controller is detached from the main digester body so that it can be placed away from the fumes. 

The models in the table below are standard – however please feel free to request any variations.  Please note the digester blocks below are designed to heat aqueous samples at temperatures around 110 to 115 degrees but may also be used up to 185 deg C. For operator safety reasons – and to prolong element life – do not attempt to run the digester blocks at temperatures higher than 185 deg C.   At all times the draught-shield should be used to prevent user scalding and to prolong element life. (220 – 240V/50Hz/10A).





Graphite Digester Block

100 Place Graphite Test Tube Digester Block (shown without draught-shield)


DB-50 Test Tube Digester Block

50 Place Anodized Aluminium Test Tube Digester Block




Test Tube Config.

Temp Max.(deg C)


Body Stock Codes
Anodised Aluminium 

Heater Block

Graphite Heater Block
16mm x 50 185 316SS 104446 189873
18mm x 50 185 316SS 104451 189875
20mm x 50 185 316SS 125434 189876
24mm x 50 185 316SS 125127 189863
16mm x 100 185 316SS 189871 189870
18mm x 100 185 316SS 125128 189869
20mm x 100 185 316SS 126183 189868
24mm x 100 185 316SS 189872 189862



  • Digester Blocks – Aluminium or Graphite for Heavy Acid Beaker Or Volumetric Flask digestions. These blocks are designed for the digestion of acidified aqueous samples in the range 115 to 160 degC. THis equipment is designed for use in a fume cupboard with 10A or 15A power outlets. If using perchloric acid the graphite block is recommended. 



Size (mm) Voltage (V) Max Temp (°C) Current Rating Heater Block Material Stock Code
610 x 500 220-240/50Hz 250 15A Anodized Aluminium 112776
PTFE- Coated Graphite 112846
610 x 300 10A Anodized Aluminium 112851
PTFE-Coated Graphite 112856



  • Test Tube Rack Tumbler – Heavy Duty S/Steel Variable Speed.




  • Test Tube Prill Viewer – allows you to check for the presence of a gold prill in each of the test tubes when test tube racks are placed on the viewing surface. 






  •  Fume Cupboards (See our Fume Cupboard page for more information)
    • PVC
    • Polypropylene (PP)
    • Fire Retardant Polypropylene (FRPP)
    • Epoxy Coated Mild Steel


  • Heavy and Mild Acid Volume Fume Scrubbers – For Fume Cupboards, Gold Rooms and Electrowinning Cells 


  • Chemical Exhaust Fans


  • pH Dosing/Correction Systems for Fume Scrubbers


  • Hot Plates


  • Water Stills and RO Systems


  • Water Corp Compliant Laboratory Waste Neutralisation Systems


  • Chemical Storage Cabinets and associated Fume Extraction Systems

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