Our licensed range of Blowers include multi-stage blowers, positive displacement blowers, vacuum blowers and special purpose blowers supplied by some of the world’s best brands. MARC supplied root blowers  feature low reverse pressure, steady pressure, low vibration and noise levels and low fluctuation of outlet pressure which makes them ideal for pneumatic and particle conveying applications, grain conveying, dust vacuum system, vacuum packing and air supply for waste and sewerage treatment and flotation process.

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MARC Technologies manufactures and distributes a range of Cast and Fabricated high pressure blowers primarily for flotation, waste water aeration and vacuum applications.

Our Blowers are carefully selected for each application utilising a proprietary software program that enables MARC engineers to select the best fan for your application considering inlet conditions and power consumption. The blowers that we offer consist of the following designs:


multi stage centrifugalThe multi-stage centrifugals are manufactured from cast steel
with cast aluminum impellors to provide extremely efficient
operation. These blowers are primarily used in flotation
circuits and waste water treatment applications.
fabricated centrifugalThe fabricated multi-stage centrifugals are used where cast
blowers do not suit the application and can be manufactured
from various materials to suit your application.


special fabricatedThe special centrifugals are manufactured from various materials
to suit your specialised application. The blowers are used for a
variety of applications in the oil and gas, power generation and
other industries where standard blowers are not suitable.



vortexVortex blowers are a low volume, medium pressure blower used for pneumatic conveying and pressure applications

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